Our Capabilities

Our customers and business are global. to meet the high expectations of our clients, we source the best-in-class machinery and experts from around the world.
Urecel is recognized as a global leader in reticulation and impregnation technologies. Its products are of world-class quality and have grown to become the number one brand in the market.
The Urecel team has over 100 years of combined experience. We offer the flexibility to collaborate with your design team or serve as your dedicated design department. With many years of successful experience, we have managed thousands of partner SKUs.

State Of The Art European Precision

Boat cushions have anti-microbial technology
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Our Capabilities

We have successfully designed a variety of boat cushions with the advantages of anti-bacterial features and luxurious design.
Our products are suitable for yachts, marines, and others with the best quality. Our dedicated engineers are ready to assist you with the design of cushions and upholstery for boats according to your specific requirements.


In-built Uregard anti-microbial technology, preventing the growth of moulds and fungus.


Urecel QuickDry Foam, with no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), ensures a safe and eco-friendly option for daily use.
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Marine Cushion

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UQD outdoor cushions dry quickly

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