Grand Banks Yacht

Grand Banks Yatch

For sixty years, this iconic brand has defined the experience of luxury cruising. Reborn and relaunched, it’s now a peerless combination of elegance, speed, comfort and efficiency.Luxuriate in the plush comfort of Urecel Quickdry Foam core cushioning, meticulously designed for both elegance and practicality. The yacht’s interior boasts cutting-edge anti-bacterial technology within a robust three-layered framework, ensuring enduring excellence. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability shines through in the utilization of eco-friendly marine coating products, elevating your voyage into a realm of unparalleled comfort and conscientiousness.
With Urecel Quickdry Foam core inside, you can always leave your cushions outdoors without any worries.

You can simply email us your cushion dimension size, CAD drawing, or provide us with a simple template. We will follow up and provide a quotation.

5 years from time of delivery, see explanation here. Statement and conditions apply, ask our specialist for more information.

Urecel QuickDry will dry almost immediately, however its not covered with non-woven polyester fibre with lining, depending on the climate and thickness of the cushion. It would not be possible to dry if it was normal foam!