PT Urecel Indonesia Provides The Specification Warranty Of Urecel QuickDry Products As Follows:

UQD boat cushions have many pores.

PT Urecel Indonesia warrants that, under normal use and proper care, URECEL QUICKDRY FOAM® products are guaranteed to maintain air circulation and water permeability for 5 (five) years from the time of delivery. The above guarantee does not cover failure or damage caused by improper and unreasonable applications and/or abusive usage.

URECEL QUICKDRY FOAM® products are guaranteed to dry faster than normal foam when two products are tested and left under normal atmospheric conditions.

URECEL QUICKDRY FOAM® products contain "UreGard," a special antimicrobial formulation for Urecel QuickDry, especially for our outdoor furniture. Under normal use and proper care, Urecel QuickDry is resistant to mold and fungus growth. However, PT Urecel Indonesia will not be liable for incidental, consequential, or indirect damages caused by human/animal/atmospheric factors that may trigger mold and fungus growth. For example, soilage, food and drink spillage, animal droppings, etc.

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Can’t Claim Urecel QuickDry’s
Warranty, Why?

This warranty is rendered inapplicable if the product is subject to misuse, alteration, negligence, fire, or is used for anything other than its intended use as a cushion in its original sofa, love seat, or chair. Urecel guarantees the Urecel QuickDry cushion to you to be free from manufacturer’s defects and the loss of resiliency/volume in accordance with Ball Rebound/Compression set testing specified as Technical Data (please do not confuse loss of resiliency with softening, as softening will occur through normal use and is not a manufacturer’s defect). Further, the loss of volume will occur through normal use, and it is not a manufacturer’s defect.
PT Urecel Indonesia uses the highest quality of raw materials to ensure the long-lasting performance of Urecel QuickDry. However, due to the frequency of usage, softening and the loss of volume may occur.

Urecel QuickDry products are designed to withstand all normal weather conditions. However, color aging pigmentation affects the color consistency of Urecel QuickDry products. This occurs in different color variations due to Ultra Violet rays. Such facts cannot be avoided. Urecel QuickDry should be used in conjunction with Outdoor Performance fabric covers. This warranty is void if Urecel QuickDry is used without covers or with improper fabric covers or sheets. In relation to our care instructions label, Urecel QuickDry is most appropriate when allowed to be air dry instead of machine wash or tumble dry.
PT Urecel Indonesia will not be liable for Urecel QuickDry products that are damaged by any substances that contain chlorine or bleach. For example, direct contact with or soaking in swimming pool water and also detergent. This warranty is limited solely to either the replacement or repair of the Urecel QuickDry cushion. PT Urecel Indonesia assumes no responsibility for incidental or consequential damages.

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This document must be read-in conjunction with our conditions or sale. As a condition of a placement of any order, Urecel Indonesia, PT assumes that the customer has fully read and agreed to all of the above conditions. The warranty closure can be changed by PT Urecel Indonesia without prior notice. Please consult our sales consultants for the latest warranty details.


Warranty Service

All claims under this warranty must be submitted in writing to: PT Urecel Indonesia Jl. Industry Raya Kav.2 Cibadak KM21 Bojong Cikupa Tangerang 15710 Indonesia.
If you need more information about our warranty, you can contact us here.